Stemit Interface Design

After Dubseed was acquired by Stemit, I joined their team to research and design an interface that would integrate the two platforms.

Role: Senior Product Designer

Phase 1: Site Map

Although this was primarily a design focused project, I still conducted a small amount of research to insure that an accurate site map was created that met the stakeholders needs. During this phase I worked closely with the client to create a flow chart that diagramed the basic functionality of the platform I was contracted to design.


Phase 2: Lo-Fi Wireframes

After multiple rounds of iterative prototyping with lo-fidelity wireframes, we eventually landed on a user journey that the client and their customers were satisfied with.

Phase 3: UI Designs

Below are the final UI Designs that were eventually handed to developers in order to create the platform that Stemit uses today.

Demonstration of the final product: