Media Production

I have worked with multiple companies within the music industry as a producer/director to help them create content that effectively reflects the story and message of their brand. 

Symphonic Distribution was contracted by Fools Gold records to create a short branded documentary about their Brooklyn storefront. Through this process I managed the budget and production staff as well as directed and edited the segment to ensure the client was happy with the final result.

To accomplish their initiative of telling the story behind major brands within the music industry, I worked with Symphonic Distribution to created a segment about the global editorial director of Mixmag. As the main point of contact between the two companies, I lead clear and consistent communication and coordination between team members across in-house teams, outside contributors and clients.

Symphonic Distribution was contracted by the music blog Noiseporn to create a five part series of branded content in order to accomplish their social driven initiatives. Through this process I worked closely with the client to determine their overall goals, and then managed a team of  production staff to ensure the project ran smoothly through all phases.  

Symhphonic Distribution approached me needing help driving traffic to their Youtube monetization platform. Once clearly understanding their initiatives and vision, I worked with their marketing and creative team to produce an instructional video that was sent to their clients explaining how to easily monetize their music through Youtube.

In order to highlight new releases and drive more traffic to the Dubseed marketplace, I worked closely with our marketing team to create the 'Stem Mix Show'. Although I produced and directed this livestream on a tight budget, the final product was professional and unique compared to other mix shows with a larger budget.