Lender: An innovative 'shared economy' app

The huge success of 'shared economy' businesses is fascinating! I applied this model to my own concept as a fun UX/UI exercise to boost my design skills.

Role: UX/UI Designer

Phase 1: User Research

Deck Cover.png

I started by creating a User Research outline in order to discover the minimum viable product that users would want in a shared economy application. I narrowed our research goal down to three key objectives in order to properly understand and define our ideal user base. These topics, as well as the rest of our Version 1.0 findings are addressed in the research overview.

Phase 2: Paper Prototyping

Following my User Research findings, I created hand drawn illustrations of various layouts and functions. These paper prototypes were then presented to potential users in order to observe and improve the interaction design of Lender.  

Phase 3: Lo-fi Wireframes

After further understanding how users would interact with Lender, I then designed lo-fi wireframes using the software Sketch.

Phase 4: Hi-fi Wireframes

The lo-fi wireframes were then turned into hi-fi User Interface designs (once again using Sketch) by adding color, fonts, images and adjusting the spacing to allow certain elements to breathe.

Phase 5: Digital Prototype

Finally, a digital prototype of Lender was created using InVision, allowing users to interact with the app and further understand its functionality.